En liten hyllning

Eftersom jag tydligen varit lite trött i skallen och inte själv tänkt något, så skulle jag vilja hylla Ray Wang. Snubben har alla indianer där dom skall vara och lampan lyser definitivt längst där uppe!! Han har dessutom en utmärkt blogg!

“The right to be offline is going to be more important than anything else in the next decade, even in the next century. Give me the right not to be tracked – it doesn’t exist right now,”

“When and if that occurs to the point that you no longer have cash, you have lost the right because as soon as you trade in digital currencies you are tracked every piece of the way. Today I can make a purchase anonymously – in the future with digital currencies and payment technologies that all goes away.

“So if there’s anything I would encourage people to do in the next 12-18 months, it’s to support those people that are fighting for the right to protect your privacy. I don’t believe what Zuckerberg believes.Privacy is what we choose to make a value out of, and so if you want to keep trading your privacy for convenience, go with Mark. But if you really believe that you should have a right to privacy then go fight these things. Join groups like EPIC who are fighting for this around the world to at least give you that level of privacy.”

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Jag hjälper företag och människor att lyckas skapa exceptionella kundupplevelser, lönsamhet och effektivitet genom att utnyttja digitaliseringens möjligheter.

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